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The Versatility of Lavender Essential Oil

Whether you are new to essential oils or a seasoned pro, Lavender Essential Oil is sure to be a favorite. And with so many valuable uses, you’ll want to be sure to always have some Lavender Essential Oil on hand.  Jordan Essentials offers several

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Give your Morning a JE Makeover

We love doing Makeover Parties and Pampering Parties at Jordan Essentials!  It’s so fun to get together with a group of friends to laugh, relax, and have some fun with our amazing products.  But Make-Overs don’t have to be just for skincare

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Essential Oil Safety Guidelines

Here at Jordan Essentials, we offer high quality, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils to enhance the beneficial effects when combined with many of our other products like lotions, shampoos, bath salts, and toners.  The proper use of essential

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Why Use Topical Magnesium

Did you know that magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and plays a crucial role in over 300 essential metabolic functions, including energy production, muscle function, nerve function, DNA replication, protein synthesis, and healthy

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October 2018 Joyful Jordan Box

October begins the last quarter of the year, with summer weather transitioning to crisp days and cool nights.  The countdown to the holidays begins as we pull out our sweaters, gloves, and scarves while enjoying apple picking, pumpkin carving, and

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Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 1 in 8 American women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime! The good news is that there are things we can do to reduce

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Essential Oil Series: The Power of Peppermint

For many, thoughts of peppermint are reserved for the holidays or as a chewing gum flavor. But peppermint is an amazing plant with powerful medicinal, therapeutic, and herbal properties.  Not just for winter or holiday use, peppermint can be enjoyed

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Essential Oil Series: The Secrets of Tea Tree

Jordan Essentials offers several wonderful therapeutic-grade pure essential oils to use in your home and in your body care routines.  Our pure essential oils are highly concentrated and can be diffused or combined with a variety of our body care

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“Naturally-Based, Non-Toxic” What You Need to Know

Here at Jordan Essentials, we confidently stand behind our products.  The foundation of Jordan Essentials is bringing American-made, naturally-based, non-toxic solutions for bath and body, skincare, cosmetics, and essential oils to families like yours. What

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2018 Holiday Catalog

Jordan Essentials is excited to be releasing our exclusive Holiday Gift Catalog!  Whether you’re looking for something to show your child’s teachers some appreciation, a birthday gift for that special someone, doing early holiday shopping, or

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September 2018 Joyful Jordan Box

It’s back to school time!  Whether you have kiddos that are headed back to the school routine or not, you’re sure to love this month’s Joyful Jordan Box;  containing carefully selected exclusive products that are perfect for the transition from

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Essential Oil Recipe Series: Salt Scrubs

  Not only are Jordan Essentials products wonderful on their own, you can combine them to customize the feel, aroma, and benefits to fit your needs.  Many products come in unscented varieties, making them perfect for combining with one of our

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