Work from Home: Fun Ideas for a Summer Jordan Essentials Party

Have a Summer Jordan Essentials Party When You Work from HomeWith the days getting hotter and the sun harsh as ever, people need good skin care more than ever. Summer is the perfect time to throw a Jordan Essentials party if you work from home. Summer

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Jordan Essentials on the Best Ingredients for Defying Aging Skin

Ingredients Used by Jordan Essentials to Fight AgingThe secret to age-defying ingredients isn’t actually all that secret! The key is using natural, high-quality ingredients that have been proven to work. Jordan Essentials takes all these good-for-you

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The Benefits of Using Natural Deodorants

Why Natural Deodorants are the Best Choice Finding the perfect deodorant can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! Jordan Essentials make incredible natural deodorants to help you end your search. But what do we mean when we say natural? Well, it

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Summer Skin Care with Jordan Essentials

Jordan Essentials: Summer Skin Care For most of us, summer means hot weather, sunshine, and being outdoors. While you might usually remember to pack your sunscreen, there are a few other skin care tips that you can use to give your skin some extra protection

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Jordan Essentials Talks Aromatherapy

Jordan Essentials on Aromatherapy & Essential OilsAromatherapy is a really common use for essential oils, but not everyone is familiar with it. At Jordan Essentials, we sell a range of essential oils that can be used for many different applications,

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Jordan Essentials and Exfoliating

Jordan Essentials on the How’s and Why’s of ExfoliatingWe’ve already mentioned exfoliating in a previous blog, but why is it so important? What is it that regularly exfoliating your skin does that benefits your complexion? Jordan Essentials breaks

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Magnesium Lotion Benefits

The Benefits of Magnesium LotionAccording to the FDA, 55% of people in the US are magnesium deficient. Despite this, not many people are aware that they’re deficient, or even what magnesium is and what it does for them – let alone seeking any

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Basic Skin Care Routine from Jordan Essentials

Jordan Essentials Skin Care RoutineThere are countless examples of skin care out there, with different cosmetic gurus, bloggers, vloggers, manufacturers, retailers, and more all presenting their own ideas about how to best maintain your skin. At Jordan

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Balancing Family Life When You Work from Home

Life with Your Family When You Work from HomeIn an earlier blog, Jordan Essentials went over some simple steps to remember if you’re looking to work from home. But there’s one part of combining your living and working spaces that need to be explored

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The Importance of Natural Moisturizers

Natural Moisturizers: The Importance of MoisturizingIf you’re reading the Jordan Essentials blog, you’re probably already familiar with regularly moisturizing your skin. But you might have heard some scoff at the idea of applying lotion every day

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Ready to Work From Home?

Want to Work from Home? Here Are Some Tips If you’re hoping to work from home, there are plenty of opportunities these days. It’s not just Jordan Essentials that gives you the freedom to be your own boss, more and more traditional companies are seeing

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Fresh Faced for Summer

Quick & simple tips to get out the door in the morning with a fresh face for summer. Natural Sun protection, tinted moisturizer and the right brush and you are good to go! Grab your perfect shade and Kabuki brush today!  

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