Why You Should Switch to Natural Makeup

Experience the Benefits of Natural Makeup Makeup has been a large part of our society for many years. Unfortunately, many of today’s cosmetic products have become littered with harmful substances that can damage your skin over time. At Jordan Essentials,

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Using Natural Skin Care to Treat Acne

Take Care of Your Acne with These Natural Skin Care Treatments Most people experience some level of acne throughout the course of their life. Whether going through puberty, not washing your face enough or being too stressed out, these blemishes are an

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Jordan Essentials Explains the Problem with Parabens

Why Are Parabens Bad? Jordan Essentials Explains At Jordan Essentials, we create cosmetic products and natural skin care products that are free of toxins and unhealthy synthetic chemicals. In today’s blog post, we will take the time to talk about

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Common Mistakes Made When Using Natural Moisturizer

Things to Avoid When Applying Natural Moisturizer Applying a natural moisturizer isn’t a particularly difficult task. Believe it or not, though, many people use incorrect methods and techniques, wasting their moisturizer. These bad habits often

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Back to School Germs are Everywhere!

Try the Immune blend of 6 powerful Essential Oils to help your family boost their immune system for germ season!FrankincenseTea TreeRosemaryLemonOrangeEucalyptus

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Houston We Have a Solution!

Catherine James is our Houston leader and we are sending her goodie bags of soaps, lotions, and cosmetics to hand out in her community post flooding.We hope to bring a little joy and pampering to Houston. Thanks Cathy for your partnership and support!

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Places to Apply Natural Lotion that are Prone to Dryness

These Places Could Use Some Natural Lotion When it comes to applying natural lotion, many people just put a quick application on their hands or face. While this can certainly get the job done, there are some areas of the body that people tend to miss

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Happy Fall!!

Do not let fall stress you, let it bless you! Hear how to make this fall your best ever.  

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Maintain your Moisture! – Summertime Natural Skin Care Tips from Jordan Essentials

Jordan Essentials Offers Tips for Healthy Skin in the Summertime It’s hot out there! Jordan Essentials knows that living and working during summer heat can be a real drag. Spending a day running errands while the sun beats down on you and your car can

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Using Essential Oils from Jordan Essentials in the Kitchen

Kitchen Uses for Essential Oils from Jordan Essentials You want your home to smell fresh and inviting for yourself and for your guests. But if you, like many of us, live in a busy household bustling with family, then chances are that your home is prone

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Tea Tree Oil From Jordan Essentials

Jordan Essentials Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil has long been touted as a powerful essential oil. Through our online store and our vast team of representatives, Jordan Essentials is happy to offer tea tree oil as a spray and in drops. If you’re just learning

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Jordan Essentials Dishes on the Shea Butter in our Magnesium Lotion

Benefits of Shea Butter in Our Magnesium Lotion If you’ve tried one of the natural skin care products or natural moisturizers from Jordan Essentials, then chances are that you’ve encountered the wonderful ingredient called shea butter. Shea butter

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