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Avoid These Common Skincare Mistakes

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After almost 19 years in the skincare industry, we have seen and heard just about everything.  We have shared your joys and excitement when you experience the difference Jordan Essentials products can make!  Every so often, we do also see a few mistakes when caring for your skin. So to help you avoid these common mistakes, we offer those we see the most and our solutions so you can avoid them in the future:

Not establishing a good skincare routine.

The biggest mistake we see is not establishing a skincare routine at all.  Just washing your face when you shower may not be enough to support the needs of your skin.  Dermatologists, doctors, and mothers all agree that a good skin care regimen includes cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing.  This especially becomes important for pre-teens and teens, those exposed to daily pollutants, or as we age. Establishing a quality skincare routine using non-toxic products like Jordan Essentials both morning and evening will support your skin in eliminating toxins, removing dead skin cells, staying hydrated, and looking good.

Using just a few of the same products.

Your skin changes with the seasons, with hormonal fluctuations, with stress levels, and with environmental exposures.  At times, you may need to look at the skincare products you are using and adjust accordingly. Jordan Essentials products are formulated to be as versatile as possible to meet a wide range of needs.  And, for those times when your skin needs a little extra support, we’ve got you covered there too! Dry skin, oily skin, blemishes or acne, skin irritations, sunburn, windburn, chapped skin, puffy or irritated skin,…  you can customize your skincare routine based on your current needs. Your JE Consultant is ready and willing to help you select the best options that your skin is asking for.

Moisturizing skin when it is dry.

Moisturizers tend to be most effective when the skin is still slightly damp, such as when you’ve just toweled off after a bath or shower.  Damp skin tends to absorb the moisture better and lock it in for a longer time. That’s not saying that you can’t use your moisturizer on dry skin!  You can still carry that JE Shea Body Butter, JE Hand & Body Lotion, or JE Magnesium Lotion in your purse or have it next to your bed! But for the most effective moisturizing power, apply to clean skin that is still slightly damp.

Exfoliating dry skin instead of moisturizing it.

It’s important to read your skin when it is dry to determine what it needs the most.  The tendency when we see dull or flaky skin is to reach for the JE Salt Scrub to smooth out the texture.  If your skin is dull or rough, then JE Salt Scrub is the best choice to apply first. If your skin has a lot of flaking, however, this is a sign your skin lacks hydration.  Using an exfoliant could cause inflammation and a disruption of the skin barrier. For flaking skin, nourish your skin with JE Helio Skin Superfood Lotion or JE Skin Relief Lotion to restore the proper balance.  Then when your skin has recovered, you can grab that JE Salt Scrub for smooth, healthy skin.

Layering products wrong.

There’s no particular harm in layering your products incorrectly, however to get the maximum benefit from the ingredients in each product, you want to layer your products from thinnest consistency to the thickest.  This allows for maximum absorption and efficiency. For example, when using Jordan Essentials Serums with your moisturizer, you would apply after cleansing, exfoliating and toning: Daily Moisturizer, Multi-Peptide Serum, Age-Defying Serum, Time Rewind Eye Gel

Or:  Multi-Peptide Serum, Age-Defying Serum, Time Rewind Eye Gel, Deep Daily Moisturizer

On the body, you might apply:  Hydrating Body Spritzer, Magnesium Lotion, Skin Relief Lotion

Or:  JE Salt Scrub, JE Hand & Body Lotion, JE Lotion Bar

When in doubt, just think thinnest to thickest and you’ll be maximizing your JE products for healthy, happy skin!

Not working closely with your JE Consultant.

Your JE Consultant is a wealth of information and experiences with a heart to help others.  He or she is a valuable resource to you for any questions you may have and to help you select the best products for your particular needs.   Although they are not doctors (at least not all of them are), and won’t diagnose or prescribe anything you may be dealing with, they are knowledgeable about our products and can offer you lots of great information to help you decide what is best for you!  Be sure to develop a close relationship with your consultant so he/she can keep you in the loop on specials, promotions, new products, and tidbits of information they think you might enjoy.

And, if you love our products, would love to start your own business, and have a passion for helping others, consider joining our team and becoming a “Jordie”!  Our consultants will all agree that being a Jordie is fun, educational, rewarding, lucrative, and supportive. Ask your JE Consultant for more details about what it means to be a Jordie!  And let us be one of the first to welcome you.

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