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Essential Oil Safety Guidelines

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Here at Jordan Essentials, we offer high quality, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils to enhance the beneficial effects when combined with many of our other products like lotions, shampoos, bath salts, and toners.  The proper use of essential oils are a valuable addition to any healthy lifestyle with numerous studies touting their value in physical, emotional, and environmental applications. However, essential oils are highly concentrated, with as much as 100 times the concentration as the plant or herbal counterpart, therefore some basic safety guidelines are recommended when using Jordan Essentials’ Droppers so that you can maximize your enjoyment of the oils with peace of mind.

The power of essential oils often comes from its ability to be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, and in some cases even pass through the blood/brain barrier.  Studies show that topical applications to certain areas of the body such as lymph nodes, spine, and the bottoms of the feet can result in the essential oil properties reaching every cell in the body within 20 minutes!  Aromatic applications, where the oils are assimilated through breathing, often reach the brain even faster, as the nasal cavity absorbs the constituents so close to the brain. As a result, the therapeutic qualities can significantly impact the body in a positive way.  At the same time, and for this very reason, it is crucial to follow safety guidelines when using essential oils.

12 Rules of JE Essential Oils

Suggested Safety Guidelines

  1. Never ingest essential oils.  Although you may hear recommendations on ingesting essential oils on various sources online, we at Jordan Essentials care deeply about your safety and want to make sure you get the most out of your essential oils.  Ingesting essential oils are unnecessary when your body can effectively absorb the constituents through topical and aromatic applications. Ingesting oils, due to their concentration, can cause serious health reactions such as burns, allergic reactions, and digestive upset.

  2. Always dilute essentials oils.  Using an essential oil directly on the skin is called using the EO “neat”.  We do not recommend using neat oils on the skin. Choose a carrier oil, lotion, shampoo, dead sea salt or other Jordan Essentials unscented product of your choice.  1- 2 drops per application will do the trick. Dilution rates should be less than 1% for most oils and with most applications, and even less when using with children.  Jordan Essentials Roll-Ons and Jordan Essentials Sprays are conveniently perfectly diluted for you.

  3. Pregnancy.   Use caution and check with your doctor before using essential oils when pregnant, nursing, taking medications, or if you have a health condition.  Always dilute and limit diffusing for more than 30 minutes at a time.

  4. Children & Babies Under 2 years old. According to guidelines by NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy), it is not recommended to use essential oils on any infant less than 6 months of age due to their developing bodies, thinner skin, and immature immune systems.  This includes topically and aromatically (diffusing). Children ages 6 months to two years old also have very sensitive skin and are particularly sensitive to aromas. Therefore, we don’t recommend using JE Essential Oils on children under the age of 2.

  5. For children older than 2 years old,  we recommend reserving essential oil use to diffusing or aroma applications only, and for less than 30 minutes in duration.  Keep in mind that their immune systems are still developing, making them less able to deal with the adverse effects which may arise when concentrated products are used improperly on or around them. Essential oils such as clove, cinnamon, or eucalyptus are particularly potent to young children and must be diluted in a JE product, this includes Immune, and Resistance.

  6. Store essential oils out of reach of small children.  Should a child accidentally ingest essential oils, call your doctor.

  7. Pets can benefit from JE Essential Oils as well.  Our fur friends have much more sensitive constitutions, so be mindful and listen to your pets.  Dogs, for example, have a sense of smell that is 50-100 times greater than ours! Never force an essential oil on your pet.  Introduce it to them slowly and discontinue if they turn away or show signs they don’t want it. Never use Eucalyptus EO or Tea Tree EO on or around cats.

  8. Be sure to always stay well hydrated when using essential oils.  Essential oils are detoxifying and work through the bloodstream, therefore they need proper hydration to work most effectively.

  9. Avoid using essential oils on sensitive skin, particularly eyes, inner ears, genitals, and nostrils.  Avoid using Essential Oils directly from the dropper bottle onto the skin.

  10. Bath Safety.  When adding JE essential oils to a bath, never add the oils directly to the water.  Oil and water don’t mix, and the essential oils will float on the top of the water, potentially causing adverse skin reactions.  To use essential oils in the bath, combine the oil first with Jordan Essentials Dead Sea Salt Soak then dissolve completely in the water before bathing.

  11. Use caution in the sun.  When using citrus essential oils topically, such as JE Orange Essential Oil, avoid direct sunlight for at least 12 hours.

  12. It is also recommended to consult your healthcare professional prior to using essential oils if you have a health issue with your liver or kidneys.

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Following these simple guidelines will ensure that you can safely enjoy your essential oils. Jordan Essentials’ Essential Oils are a powerful tool to Healthy Skin & Healthy Life when used wisely and correctly.

Please note that these guidelines are for using the pure essential oil droppers. Our other products that contain essential oils as one or more ingredients (including rollers, sprays, lotions, baby products, etc.) have already been carefully formulated to the perfect dilution ratios, and tested for safety. Remember, regardless of whether a product contains an essential oil or not, skin sensitivity may occur. It is always recommended to test a small area of skin for sensitivity before applying liberally.

Feel free to comment below with any questions or testimonials.

Jordan Essentials does not claim to diagnose, cure, prevent, or treat any disease.  Consult your doctor with any specific health issues.  Do not ingest..  Not endorsed by the FDA.  Be sure to test for sensitivity on a small area of skin before applying.

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