Why You Should Switch to Natural Makeup

Experience the Benefits of Natural Makeup

Makeup has been a large part of our society for many years. Unfortunately, many of today’s cosmetic products have become littered with harmful substances that can damage your skin over time. At Jordan Essentials, we believe makeup shouldn’t do the opposite of its intended purpose. That’s why we’ve constructed a line of natural skin products that carry numerous advantages. Check out these reasons for why you should make the switch to natural makeup.

Free of Dangerous Chemicals

One of the most vital benefits of using natural makeup is that it is totally free from many of the harmful substances that are found in other popular beauty products. The chemicals that are found in other makeups have been known to cause allergic reactions and irritation upon application, which is certainly not worth the desire for enhancing your appearance. With the makeup from Jordan Essentials, you don’t have to worry about your skin becoming irritated or damaged thanks to our paraben-free composition.

Environmentally Friendly

Another great advantage of using natural makeup is its benevolence to our environment. Many traditional makeup products require elements that are extracted from some of the most precious regions of the Earth, essentially destroying the resources and interrupting wildlife in the process. Additionally, many popular beauty products contain aforementioned chemicals that can cause harm to marine life when the dirty water from our showers are washed into their bodies of water. The substances found in conventional makeup can be extremely dangerous for fish who have to swim in the same water as these pollutants. With natural makeup, you don’t have to worry about certain ecosystems being harmed thanks to the natural ingredients.

Rich in Nutrients

Yet another obvious reason why natural makeup is better than traditional makeup is because of its high possession of nutrient-rich contents. Your skin is able to absorb the substances in your makeup, so it is a good idea to make sure that the materials entering your body are safe. Luckily, the makeup from Jordan Essentials contains substances like fatty acids, antioxidants and many beneficial vitamins that help to nourish your skin and keep you looking young.

Make the Switch to Natural Makeup with Jordan Essentials

The days of traditional makeup use are coming to an end. Make the switch to a healthier alternative to experience rich nutrients, help the environment and protect your skin from harmful matter. For more information on natural makeup, contact Jordan Essentials at customercare@jordanessentials.com. Jordan Essentials does not claim to cure any illness. Check with your doctor first if pregnant, nursing or taking medication. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Essential oils in dropper bottles are undiluted and should be blended in your favorite Jordan Essentials products and we recommend you do not use directly on the skin.

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