Simple Steps to Smooth Legs

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Most of the time throughout life, when we want to learn how to do something new or gain a new skill, we either find someone who can teach us or look for some kind of instructions to demonstrate for us what to do.  When it comes to shaving our legs, however, no one usually “teaches” you how it’s done. For most women, we just grab a razor, slather our legs with soap or shaving cream, and do our best to avoid cutting ourselves.  And for some, that may be just fine. But if you find yourself with itchy splotches, red bumps, hair that seems to grow 10 minutes after shaving, or just not satisfied with your results, we’d like to share some simple instructions to help you improve your results!

  1. Grab a clean, sharp razor with multiple blades.

    First, your shave will only be as good as the razor you are using.  Make sure your razor is dry, clean, sharp, and rust free. Dull blades can lead to nicks, cuts, and irritation, so avoid dull razors at all costs!  Cheap razors with only two blades aren’t good either. It’s worth springing the extra couple dollars for a quality razor for 4 or 5 blades. These versions will give a closer, smoother shave.

  2. Use heat and moisture before shaving.

    Just grabbing a razor first thing when you get in the shower or bath is one of the first common mistakes in shaving.  The heat and moisture from bathing will help soften the skin, often helping you achieve a smoother, more comfortable shave.  So wash your hair with one of Jordan Essentials amazing shampoos and conditioner, then cleanse with Jordan Essentials Shower Gel, Charcoal Soap or Glycerin Soap before turning to the task of shaving.

  3. Exfoliate first!

    Taking a moment to exfoliate your legs with Jordan Essentials Salt Scrub is one step you don’t want to forget.  You will be amazed at the difference adding this one simple step can make. Exfoliating with Jordan Essentials Salt Scrub will help remove dead skin, contaminants, and toxins that have accumulated on the surface leaving your skin more soft, smooth, and supple.  We often hear testimonials about how exfoliating before shaving often also helps the shave last longer with a softer, smoother finish.

  4. Use Jordan Essentials Shaving Cream (limited edition in April 2019 Joyful Jordan Box) or Jordan Essentials Hair Conditioner.

    All too often, ladies admit to foregoing the shaving cream and just using soap as a base for shaving. Although Jordan Essentials soaps have more buffering ingredients than most other brands, soaps and shower gels are designed to clean, not buffer the skin.  Jordan Essentials Shaving Cream contains rich botanicals that help create a rich buffer that both helps protect the skin and offer a smooth glide for the blade. Simply squirt a small dollop of JE Shaving Cream onto your hand, then spread a thin layer over the surface of the legs.

  5. Shave against the hair growth on the legs, and with hair growth on more sensitive areas.

     Beginning at the ankle, slowly and carefully shave upward in smooth and even strokes. Shaving in an upward direction against the hair growth can provide a closer shave.  There’s no need to press hard and always be gentle to avoid nicks or cuts. In reality, pressing hard can cause uneven rippling of the skin which creates an uneven shave. Take your time and work your way slowly around each leg reaching all areas.  For bikini area, underarms, or sensitive skin, try shaving WITH the growth which will be less abrasive and help avoid razor burns.

  6. Rinse your razor as needed.

    As you shave, your razor will often get filled with shaving cream and clumps of hair (depending on the length).  Periodically rinse your razor then proceed with the rest of your leg until both legs are finished.

  7. Rinse your legs and make sure you got everything to your satisfaction.

     Once you are finished, rinse your legs off and then run your hands over your legs to make sure you didn’t miss any stray hairs or areas. If you find any lingering stubble, reapply a small amount of JE Shaving Cream, shave, and rinse again.

  8. Dry off and apply moisturizer.

    Once you are done to your satisfaction, dry off completely and then apply your favorite Jordan Essentials Moisturizer, such as Skin Relief Lotion, Magnesium Lotion, or Shea Body Butter.

  9. Store your razor in a dry place.

    Once you’re all finished, don’t forget the last step and put your razor away in a dry place.  A common mistake is to leave your razor in the shower. However, this can encourage not only rust which can dull the blade, but also can harbor bacteria and fungus.  Eew! Gently dry the blades by dabbing on a towel, then store away from the shower’s moisture until you’re ready to use it again. Your razor will last longer and work better, too!

And that’s all there is to getting the softest, smoothest, longest-lasting shave!  Try it for yourself, then dig out those shorts, now that warmer days are here for spring!  And, if you’re looking for a little color on those winter-pale legs, ask your JE Consultant about Jordan Essentials Sunless Tanning Lotion!

Hopefully, you are already doing all these steps when you shave, but if not, let us know which tips you plan to implement and then tell us your results!  And if you love the Jordan Essentials Shaving Cream, be sure to stock up so you won’t run out. Talk to your JE Consultant about the April Joyful Jordan Box, and how you can get one for free by hosting your own Spa Bar.

For educational and entertainment purposes only. Not intended to replace the advice of your healthcare provider. If skin irritation occurs, consult your dermatologist.


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