How to Make Aromatherapy Play-dough


Kids love play-dough! Hey, even some adults love play-dough! What if we told you that you could make non-toxic, safe play-dough with just ingredients found right in your home! Guess what? We are going to show you how to do just that! This homemade play-dough is made with real food ingredients! The best part?!? The kids and grand-kids can all help! This is a great indoor activity for those cooler days approaching. Are you ready to get started?!? Let’s do this!


This is probably the easiest recipe that you will ever make! It makes so much too!


  1. Combine all of the above ingredients (except food coloring) into a pot and stir well.

  2. Place on a low-medium heat and stir constantly. Don’t stop stirring or your play-dough will be gross. As you stir, you will start to develop a play-dough consistency. You will also know that the play-dough is ready because it will start having a slight yellow tint to it.

  3. Take the play-dough out of the pan and place onto parchment paper to cool on your counter top. At this point, you can divide the dough into however many colors you are wanting to make. Four is about a good number here but you can do more. You won’t have just as much of each color.

  4. Add a touch of food coloring to each ball and let the kids go to town kneading the color into the dough.

  5. Now, add 6-8 drops of desired essential oils for fun aromatherapy play-dough. The color and essential oils are optional but definitely a great addition. See different options below for play-dough essential oil recipes.

  6. Once the color and oils are absorbed, you can store in 4 oz. glass mason jars. When this is kept in the fridge, your play-dough will last longer (approximately 6-8 weeks).

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