Limited Edition: Madagascar Vanilla!

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One of the fun tasks at Jordan Essential’s corporate is selecting the wonderful and enjoyable fragrances we offer with our Bath and Body line.  Each new fragrance is carefully formulated, tested, and sampled to offer only the best of the best for you to enjoy.  New for the Fall/Winter catalog, and only available for a limited time, is a special fragrance blend that is sure to be a popular addition to your home this season:  Madagascar Vanilla! Who doesn’t love vanilla with its deep spicy and delicious aroma that tantalizes the spirit and stimulates memories of happy moments!  And, we didn’t stop there!  Included in this fragrance blend is also the relaxing and floral notes of Jasmine and the calming scent of Ylang Ylang.  On their own, each scent offers delight to the senses and balm to the soul.  Combined, their alluring aroma blends perfectly for a truly unique Bath and Body experience! Try this delightful fragrance in any of our customizable products such as our signature lotion bar, deep moisturizing shea butter lotion, exfoliating salt scrub, cleansing shower gel, hydrating body spray, and foaming hand soap.  Our most popular choice?  Get it all in the Premier Collection!  And since it’s only available for a short time, why not stock up now so you won’t run out?

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