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Hosting a Jordan Essentials Party is...


Hosting is Magnificent!

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Love spending time with friends?

Hosting a Jordan Essentials party is a fun way to gather and share ways to Magnify your life. We make if fun and easy - and you get the rewards!

See, touch, and learn!

An in-person party is a hands-on experience where friends feel the difference healthy body care makes. It’s fun to try before you buy.

Near or Far!

Hosting online from your virtual living room brings friends together from everywhere, and inspires healthy product choices while staying home.

How It Works

This is your party, your way. You can host at home, online, or anywhere you like. Your JE Consultant will be there every step of the way to help you with all of the details.

Step 1: Connect With A Consultant

Need help connecting? We will help you find one here »

Step 2: Decide When and Where

Your consultant will help you choose the right time and place. Our in-home or virtual parties are both easy to host.

Step 3: Share and Invite

The more friends you invite, the more people learn about our amazing wellness products.

Step 4: Have Fun Hosting Your Party

Enjoy interacting with your friends as your consultant shares the benefits you'll find in our products.

Party for the Perks!

We LOVE our Hosts & reward you generiously for inviting your friends & family to shop with Jordan Essentials. Here are some of the perks you can enjoy as a host.

Ask your JE Consultant for our complete Host Plan or Click Here »

Host Testimonials

It was at a friend's party that I learned about Jordan Essentials and fell in love with their healthy products. I was happy to host and share my love of JE with my friends. Always new products and information, extras like games and prizes, and earning FREE PRODUCTS too!! What's not to love? Plus, JE stands behind their products, and their customer service, before AND after the sale, is wonderful! Christine
I have hosted parties for JE in my home/backyard and virtual! Both ways are amazing. I personally like in person because you get to touch, smell, and see the product. Both ways are made so easy, because of my best friend who shares the JE products does all the work for you. These items are truly amazing. Kayla
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