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Fun Facts about Skin Care

Let’s play did you know Skin Facts!

🌟 Have you ever thought about how incredible your skin truly is?

Let’s dive into some fascinating skin facts:

Did you know🌼 Largest Organ: Your skin is your body’s largest organ, serving as a protective shield.

Did you know🌡️ Temperature Regulation: It helps regulate your body temperature to keep you comfortable.

Did you know🧠 Sensory Organ: Your skin sends vital messages to the brain about touch, pressure, and pain.

Did you know🌬️ Detoxification: Through sweating, it aids in detoxifying your body and processes essential vitamins like D, E, A, and K.

Did you know🛡️ Immune System Support: Your skin plays a crucial role in your immune system’s defense.

Did you know🔄 Constant Renewal: It’s a dynamic organ, constantly shedding old cells and welcoming new ones.

Our skin is a powerful communicator, revealing what’s happening within our bodies. For those dealing with hormonal breakout, psoriasis or eczema, it’s often an external sign of an internal issue.

What we put on our skin matters! Choose products free from parabens, aluminum, (ok yes, things like deodorant and makeup have aluminum in them!) mineral oil, DEA, talc, and other harmful ingredients. Say no to pesticides and GMOs in your skincare too!

At Jordan Essentials, we’re committed to offering you skin-loving, clean products that nurture and cherish your skin. So, give your skin the love it deserves—indulge in a bath with Dead Sea salts, apply your Magnesium Lotion and grab a yummy Mojito Face Mask and Glow Getter to love on the skin you’re in!

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