How to Create Lasting Memories (While Following a Budget)



Fall is such an exciting time of year. There are so many fun things to do. It can be a great time to build new lasting memories with friends and family. So today we are going to help you create your fall bucket list….easy, simple and cost effective!

Many of us are on a budget these days and watching what we spend that sometimes we forget to set a bit aside every once in a while so we can enjoy the most important things in our life…..our family. Not only are we going to provide you with a list of items for your bucket list but also activities that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to experience.

Image provided by

Image provided by Check out their site for more great DIY Crafts and more!

Check out their site for more great DIY Crafts and more!

Let’s get to it, what do you say? This is something the whole family can do together! You need just a few items for this activity or you can come up with your own way of putting your bucket list together.


Pail or Empty Paint Can

Blank Clothes Pins

Fine Point Sharpie

Construction Paper

….and of course, your bucket list!


1) Grab the family and settle in to write your fall bucket list.

2) Grab the clothes pins and everyone writes an item on a different clothes pin.

3) As you finish, start clipping them around the edge of your pail or bucket.

4) Keep writing on pins until the your bucket is full all the way around the edge.

5) Now decorate your bucket or pail however you wish.

EASIEST PROJECT EVER! Now the tricky part is making time to actually complete your bucket list over the fall. Every time you complete an item, grab that clothes pin and throw it in your bucket! Hold each other accountable to try to accomplish one item during the week or maybe two items during the weekend! This is something the kids won’t mind helping with!

Stuck on trying to figure out what to put on your bucket list! Below is a great list of inexpensive fall activities! Use as few or as many as you want! Print the list even! The fun thing about this activity is that it is all up to you and your family on what you want to include! That’s all part of life….balance. Balance in having a healthy life, making the important things first and everything else secondary. Now go out and create lasting memories with those who mean the most to you…..go experience a healthy life!




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