Topical Magnesium: Why You Gotta Have it!

This is not your grandmother’s milk of magnesia. This is the get rid of eye twitches, restless leg and even support for foot cramps and more!

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and plays a crucial role in over 300 essential metabolic functions, including energy production, muscle function, nerve function, DNAmag leg imagte.jpg

replication, protein synthesis, and healthy bones and teeth?

55% of Americans are deficient!

See? You gotta have it!

How do you know? Some signs you may not be getting enough magnesium:

The good news, is that just by giving your body sufficient magnesium on a regular basis can often reduce and even sometimes reverse the symptoms.

Our bodies get magnesium through foods we eat that contain high levels of magnesium such as avocado, nuts such as almonds, cashews, and Brazil nuts, legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, and peas, bananas, whole grains, and leafy greens.

We also absorb magnesium through the skin with topical applications like Jordan Essentials Magnesium products.  And we love how it works so well on your skin and you can skip some of the broccoli and avocado because it takes a huge amount to get in your diet.

Perks of topical magnesium:

  1. Higher Level of Absorption: Applying magnesium to the skin absorbs into the bloodstream faster and more efficiently than with oral supplementation.  One study, conducted in 2010, used hair analysis before and after a 12 week trial period, measuring levels of magnesium found in the hair analysis, along with documented symptoms.  During this study, it was found that oral supplementation participants took 9 – 24 months to achieve the same results as what was achieved in just 12 weeks with the topical application. Come on, that is pretty cool even if you do not like stats!

  2. More Easily Processed by your body:  Some people have trouble processing magnesium through foods and oral supplements. Um, tummy issues! Topical is so easy and you skip the digestive track! A study done in 2015 by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, revealed that 79% of magnesium supplements tested didn’t actually contain the levels of magnesium listed on the label.

  3. Apply it Right Where it is Needed:  Muscle aches and pains are often caused by inflammation and magnesium may help to reduce that inflammation offering relief.  JE lotions, sticks, and sprays offer high quality magnesium in an efficient way, right to the site of the pain.

  4. It’s Easy and Economical:  Applying a lotion or using a spray can be done with anyone over age 3, in any location, with minimal effort.  No need to choke down pills or force yourself to drink unpleasant concoctions. Instead, enjoy the therapeutic effects and pleasing aromas of the JE Magnesium Lotion, JE Magnesium Stick, JE Magnesium Spray, or JE Magnesium Dead Sea Salts Soak.

Potential Benefits of Using topical Magnesium May Include:

wake up .jpg

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