8 Tips to Nip Allergies in the Bud

Seasonal allergies are a nuisance that unfortunately, many of us suffer from. With a season change approaching, now is the time to prepare for the changing of the weather and the wave of fall allergies.

Here are 8 tips on how to nip those seasonal allergies in the bud:

Don’t touch your face: You shouldn’t be doing so anyways, but by avoiding touching your eyes and nose, you will prevent pollen from coming in contact and making your symptoms worse.

Close windows: Keep windows in your home and car closed as much as possible to prevent allergens from drifting in.

Incorporate Essential Oils: Our Allergy Blend Essential Oil spray is the perfect blend of Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint essentials oils. This blend

of EOs will lessen symptoms such as

itchy, puffy eyes while also opening airways and helping you breathe with more ease.


Because our Allergy Spray is a blend, it is safe to spritz directly onto your body (ages 2+), in the air, and even bed lines for a more comfortable night’s sleep. This spray can also be used on clothing, towels, rugs, inside your car, and more, and it is safe to be used in homes with pets.

Stay Clean: Allergens can stick to hair, skin, and clothes, so be sure to leave shoes at the door, rinse your hair and body, and toss clothes into the laundry basket after spending time outside. You don’t want to transfer any allergens to your furniture or bedding. With that being said, washing bed sheets frequently and spritzing with our Allergy spray will ensure they are allergen free because it is inevitable that allergens will make it into your bedding at some point.

Stay inside: Not all the time, but it is best to stay inside on particularly warm and windy days! If you do spend time outside, wear big sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat to prevent allergens from getting into eyes. It is also best to spend time outside after rain showers because rain helps to settle any allergens in the air. Pollen tends to be highest from 5-10 am and at dusk, so plan to run errands during the day.


Vacuum before leaving the house: Vacuuming stirs up dust and allergens increasing the likelihood of them triggering symptoms. Plan to vacuum your home before stepping out to allow dust and allergens to settle. You can also spray Green & Clean in rooms you have vacuumed to help the dust settle quicker.

Air Purifier: Using an air purifier will help remove contaminants from the air, and in turn, should decrease your exposure to pollen and dust. Jordan Essentials Green & Clean can also be added to air purifiers for added moisture in the air.

Keep pets clean: We all love our furry friends, but during peak allergy season they can become a walking allergen if they spend any time outside. Keep pets off of furniture and out of the bedroom, and wash them more frequently to clean them of pollens they may have picked up while outside.

There you have it, 8 ways to make it through allergy season without itchy eyes and a scratchy throat. Of course, if symptoms become more severe, seek professional medical advice.