2020 Teacher and Graduate Gift Guide

Just like many other important holidays and life milestones, graduation is going to look a little bit different this year. Just because there won’t be graduation ceremonies and end of the year parties, our 2020 graduates and school teachers deserve the proper recognition for finishing the school year strong.

We are going to break down some of the best gifts you can give to the hardworking students and education professionals in your life!


Teacher’s can never have too many cleaning supplies, especially now! So, let’s start with what age they teach.

Daycare through 5th grade- Our Green and Clean spray is the perfect classroom essential for all those brave teachers that currently have or hope to have our children in their classrooms come August. This spray is powerful enough to be used in hospitals but safe for your little one’s classroom! Think of all the objects that germy kid fingers touch everyday. Toys, door handles, desks, countertops, and the list could go on!

5th grade and up- Intended for ages 10+, the Resistance Spray is the perfect classroom sidekick for these teachers. This spray is a combination of five powerful essential oils including Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus. This is a safe, effective, and non-toxic hand sanitizer perfect for teachers to have on hand, literally!

Here are some more favorites that your teachers are sure to love!

Headache Herbal Blend Roll On– As much as we love our children, let’s be honest, they can be a headache from time to time (no matter the age). The powers of Peppermint, Sweet Basil, Lavender, and Frankincense can help smooth the roughest tension, pain and pressure experienced with a headache, and this might just become a teacher’s newest desktop necessity.

Salt Scrub– At the end of the day, our teacher’s are hard working and deserve a little TLC. A good salt scrub is sure to do the trick. Our Salt soak is one of our best selling products, and we know exactly why! The salt’s therapeutic properties are perfect for exfoliating the grime and dead skin cells from a long, hard day.


High School graduates:

Happy Box- This is the perfect, customizable bundle of essentials for your high school graduate! You have the choice of one Bar Soap, one Magnesium Stick and one Lotion Bar. Deliver a Little Box of Happy for free right to your high school graduate’s front door with no receipt!

Basic Body Care Collection: This powerful trio exfoliates, moisturizes and protects skin! There are so many fragrance options that are sure to please the senses of any graduate. Bergamot & Sandalwood is the perfect fragrance for male graduates as it is a classic masculine fragrance with notes of bergamot, musk, and sandalwood. For the female graduates, we suggest our Promise fragrance which is fresh, vibrant, and happy and features the delicious scents of freesia and sweet clementine.


College Graduates:

Face serum: For the female graduates (and males!), now’s the perfect time for them to start investing some effort into a proper skin care regimen, if they haven’t already. So, we’re talking about ditching the makeup wipes! Creating a routine skin care regimen is important to keep our skin happy, healthy and youthful for longer. The earlier they start, the better!

Magnesium Plus stick: With graduating from college comes entering the workforce. For many, this may mean spending a considerable amount of our day in front of a computer or working on a cellphone. Our Magnesium Blue Stick is the perfect aide for the dreadful ‘tech neck’ many of us experience throughout the work day.

As always, the Joyful Jordan Box is the perfect gift to send in the mail. They really are a Box of Awesomeness! You can do a one time order OR subscribe for free shipping! You can easily change the recipient every month, so sign up for yourself and send the box to a lucky recipient during any month you’d like.

Congratulations to all 2020 graduates and thank you to ALL our hardworking education professionals. We admire your devotion to our students as you have worked hard to continue teaching virtually!

We hope these recommendations helped spark some ideas for your end-of-school season gift giving. Want some more ideas!? Check out this video our CEO and Founder, Nancy Bogart, created featuring some fun gift boxes she pulled together at home!


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