Essential Oils for Families/Children

The list of benefits that essential oils provide to all members of your family is endless! Everything from stress-relief, healthier skin, mood boost, nausea-relief, headaches and so much more. The best part about our products is that they are all ethically crafted from the most organic growers, so you don’t have to worry about using them with your little ones.

During these next few weeks of uncertainty, we encourage you to find a way you and your family can stay relaxed and anxiety-free.

 Essential Oil For Kids Special Sale

We offer many products crafted with your little ones in mind to help you manage the everyday anxieties children may have.

Right now we are offering a special on an Essential Oil bundle tailored towards the needs of children. Of course, the older members of your family will also reap the benefits of these great products as well!

The bundle includes our Lavender EO Spray, Stay Away Spray, Lavender EO Dropper, Orange EO Dropper & FREE 5ML Frankincense EO Dropper

Lavender is commonly used to relax the mind and aid in a good night’s sleep by melting away stress and anxiety. When the oil dropper is mixed into our Naturally Unscented Lotion, it is mild enough to use on children 6 months+ for small cuts, scrapes and mild sunburns.

The oil dropper can be added to a bath or rubbed into your wrists, and the spray can be spritzed directly onto pillows for a relaxed night of sleep!

Our Orange EO Dropper is perfect when you need a cheerful mood boost. The fresh orange flavor is delightful, and it is also known by Chinese medicine to help with nausea.

Do you have little ones afraid of the dark? Whether it’s the fear of monsters or ghosts, they will be ecstatic to hear that we have created just the spray to scare those pesky creatures away! The spray’s essential ingredients of Aloe, Witch Hazel and Lavendar Oil will help ease their anxiety when it’s time for bed.

The spray also helps with restlessness and insomnia, and it can be sprayed directly to sheets and pillows.

Like we said earlier, this sudden change in daily routine can be difficult for little ones to adjust to, so now may be a good time to start incorporating essential oils into your family’s life. Stay happy and healthy, and don’t forget to wash your hands!


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