2020 Holiday Gifting Guide

We are so excited that the holiday season is finally here and that we have so many options to choose from for convenient online shopping. At Jordan Essentials we have numerous holiday gifts as well as our Joyful Jordan seasonal gift box.

We’ve broken it down so you have a simple and easy-to-use gift guide for every important person in your life! This gift guide includes some stocking stuffer ideas, gift ideas, and ideas on how to make sure every important person in your life feels special this holiday season.

Your Children

This has been a challenging year for everyone, but your kids are likely to have experienced the worst of it. With school and sports being different and having to spend part of the year isolated from friends, it’s especially important to make sure your kids feel treated this year!

Teenage Son

Your son has likely been asking for something big on his Christmas wish list, and he’s no doubt made it clear to you what he wants. In addition to gifting your son with what he wants most this year, it is also a great time of year for giving back to the community. One idea to make this season more special for you and your son is to volunteer together or pick a charity to donate to. While building his character, you’re also teaching him what matters most during this time.

For stocking stuffers, your son will want something practical that he can actually use. Fill his stocking with our hand sanitizers! This hand sanitizer set comes with two essential oil blender buddies — Orange & Lavender, and Lemon & Peppermint.

Teenage Daughter

What are some of the experiences your daughter has missed the most this year? Think of ways to bring her favorite things into the home—think manicure sets, new hair products, clothes from her favorite store, or anything else she’s been asking for. To make the holiday season more special for you and your daughter, find something the two of you can do together that doesn’t involve material things. Take her to her favorite restaurant, buy tickets to the botanical gardens, go for a hike together, or do anything else that is special for you two.

She’ll love having her stocking filled with beauty and skincare products! Gift her the gorgeous kabuki/blender brush duo and our mineral makeup products for natural ingredients that will enhance her beauty. She will also love this seasonally-scented cranberry lip balm to keep her lips smooth and healthy.

The Mothers In Your Life

Your mother and mother in law are two of the most dear people to you, and whether you have been able to see them in person or not this year, ‘tis the season for showering them with love…and gifts, of course. When it comes to the mothers in your life, you can never go wrong with natural beauty products that will improve their skin and overall health.


Your Mother

For your mother, it’s more about the thought and love behind your gifts than the gifts themselves. Take some time to write your mother a loving note, thanking her for being such an amazing mom.


But you’ll also want to give her the November Joyful Jordan Box, which comes with a Pear Spice Bar Soap, Helio Spray, Peace Spray, Hope Shea Butter, and a $5 gift certificate so she can pick something out just for herself.

Mother In Law

Show your mother in law how much you care this holiday season by gifting her with a full essential oils set that comes with a durable case. This set includes the new duos, Peppermint & Lemon, and Lavender & Orange. Go the extra mile and include some unscented shea butters or dead sea salts that she can scent however she wants. Or on a personal card, include some of your favorite scent combos for her diffuser.

Other Important People On Your Gift List

For anyone else on your gift list this year, you can’t go wrong with some of our holiday products. From gift tag lotion bars to pomegranate cider hand and body lotion, we’ve got something for everyone on your list!

Child’s Teacher

We can all agree that teachers deserve the best of the best this year! Treat your teacher with our “Gift Tag” Holiday Happy Box. This box features a Pomegranate Cider Lotion Bar, a Soothing Magnesium Stick, and Pomegranate Bar Soap. Not to mention, the cute packaging is sure to give your child’s teacher a big smile!


Best Friend

Let’s be honest, we couldn’t get through this year without our best friends. In addition to writing a note showing your immense gratitude for her support, gift her with our essential oil blender buddy duo—and remind her that she’s your main buddy. Give her our hand sanitizer for her to use her essential oils with, and don’t forget to mention that as long as she keeps her hands germ-free, the two of you can continue on with your socially distanced wine dates!

For more gift ideas, be sure to check out our entire holiday shop complete with seasonal (and healthy!) presents for everyone special in your life.


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