How to Shop Smart this Holiday Season

We are entering upon a unique holiday season where most of our shopping will be done online, and now more than ever, we’re in need of brightening each other’s lives with loving, thoughtful gifts that bring about health and prosperity.

This week, we are sharing advice on holiday shopping, buying natural, good-for-you gifts, and what Jordan Essentials has in store this season.

It’s Never Too Early To Start Shopping For The Holidays

It’s time we break out of the habit of waiting until stores are laden with holiday products and decorated trees and gift wrapping options.

Shopping Early Limits Stress In An Already Stressful Year: Get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping to make this season less stressful. With COVID-19 still limiting travel and shopping, it’s the best year to reduce stress wherever possible. Imagine how nice it would be to get your shopping out of the way so you can spend the season cherishing your loved ones and enjoying the holiday spirit.

Shopping Early Helps Your Pocket: Instead of waiting until the last minute to shop for gifts, spread out your purchases over the course of the next few months in order to save yourself the headache of an irregular month, financially. Make a plan for what to buy each month and budget it out. You’ll save yourself from stress, and you’ll save money by budgeting ahead of time.

This Holiday Season, Give The Gift Of Health

This year is all about boosting immunity and longevity. Whether you’re gathering with family and maybe even traveling, or you’re simply spending the holidays at home, strengthening your immune system is more important than ever. This means giving the gift of health this season.

Gift Your Loved Ones With Natural Products: You can never go wrong with buying a loved one soaps, beauty products, essentials oils…or even hand sanitizer! These are all things we use, so why not gift the people in your life with seasonally scented natural products that can support their health too?

Check out our Holiday Happy Box , which features a Pomegranate Cider Lotion Bar, Soothing Magnesium Stick, and Pomegranate Bar Soap. You can choose between our special “gift tag” label that is perfect for gift giving or our standard label for your Holiday Happy Box.


Give The Gift Of An At-Home Spa Experience: With it being more difficult to go out and treat yourself, gift your loved ones with products that bring the spa to their homes. Gifts like face masks, bath salts, and essential oils will instantly transform a home into a therapeutic spa!


Help your loved ones detox and cleanse with our Headband & Charcoal Mask Bundle , perfect for gifting! This set includes a spa mask and purifying charcoal mask.

Know someone who is obsessed with essential oils? Our Essential Oil Mini Set comes with a compact case to hold the oils. This set combines some of the most popular essential oil scents, and our seasonal blends of Orange & Lavender, and Lemon & Peppermint.

Show Your Loved Ones You’re There For Them During This Time: It’s been a difficult year of not being able to see your loved ones as often. Show them you care about their health and wellbeing, while also showing them that you’ve been thinking of them throughout this tough year. Give them the gift of hand sanitizer as a friendly reminder that you’ve got their backs!


Who wouldn’t want to stock up on some more hand sanitizer? Our hand sanitizer bundle comes with two holiday-friendly essential oils, Orange & Lavender and Lemon & Peppermint, perfect for boosting the benefits and fragrance of your hand sanitizer.

Whatever you decide to gift this year, make sure you treat yourself too. Use uplifting essential oils to brighten your home. Nurture yourself with oatmeal lotions and magnesium sticks. Take lots of baths, listen to holiday music, and don’t forget to video call anyone you can’t be with in person this year!


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