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Ditch Aluminum in 3 Easy Steps

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so what better time to talk about going ‘aluminum free’ then now? In case you aren’t aware, the ingredient aluminum is found in your standard antiperspirant deodorant. Although there are no definitive results, it is speculated that aluminum can be bad news for your body – bad news as in Breast Cancer.


Aluminum works by clogging the pores in your pits inevitably halting sweat all together. Our bodies were intended to sweat, so that is the first red flag right there. Second, aluminum and parabens have been found in breast cancer tumors.

Like we said, there are no confirmed reports stating aluminum is in fact the culprit, but we would rather be safe than sorry and deodorize the natural way. This is why we encourage you to join us in going ‘aluminum free.’

In three simple steps, we are going to break down how to deodorize naturally by detoxing and ridding your routine of the harmful ingredient, aluminum.

  1. If you’ve been using a deodorant with aluminum for some time, your pits are going to need a little extra love to detox. We suggest cleansing with our Activated Charcoal Bar Soap. The charcoal does wonders at detoxing and pulling out the impurities.


If you need a little extra boost to detox, use our Purifying Charcoal Mask once a week, and if you’ve already gone through a detox period, a simple Jordan Essentials Shower Gel will do the trick.


2. After showering, you will want to Spritz your Pits two to three times each. This spray is composed of 5 powerful essential oils – clove, lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, and eucalyptus! These 5 oils boost antioxidants, help fight bacteria (which is the cause of underarm odor) and much more.

Finish up your morning routine to allow the essential oil spray to dry.

3. Lastly, you will apply your Jordan Essentials Aluminum Free Deodorant. Between our Spritz your Pits and Deodorant, you’ve got the ‘one-two punch’ when it comes to caring for your pits!

Our deodorants use plant-based science to control odor. They minimize wetness and leave skin smelling clean and fresh while its smooth blend swipes on easily.


Your body will need to go through a detox period, so don’t expect results immediately if this is your first time trying an aluminum free deodorant. Practice patience because your body will thank you later!

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