Boss Babe Burn Out Buster Retreat Guide:

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So there I was, I just finished my 20th convention for my company that I love. To be honest I had a lot of people who were new on the team who needed training and logistically speaking, it was a lot more work thank I had done on the event in years.

I was also in full on mom mode with my youngest son who had been sick for 4 months with something mysterious, so tests and Dr appts were keeping me busy as well as trying to be a good wife, staying healthy and trying to enjoy my summer… in general I was burnt out.


Signs of burnout

1.       Toxic thoughts cross your mind several times per day. Could be road rage, yelling at your family or self-doubt and tears.

2.       Sleep is disrupted.  You tried all the good stuff and your mind is racing and you are tired to the bone.

3.       You do not feel yourself. You are crabby and snappy with everyone.

4.       You are not dreaming any more. You are surviving.

5.       Your greatest strengths like organizing, creative thinking, and analytical thinking are not being used.  Your house goes messy, you don’t have a creative thought, you let your bills go crazy.

If you feel these are extreme, please get professional help before you retreat. I have done this a couple of times over the years and it works wonders!

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So, by the urging of a good friend (thanks Jill), who takes a personal sabbatical every year to someplace amazing and exotic, I opted for something a little bit more simple – a starter retreat close to home, low stress and easy on the budget.

Let’s be honest!  I never really relish the idea of sitting someplace quietly meditating, doing vision boards and in general, emptying my mind. I’m too active for that.

I just cannot go from 1000 mph to 0 and back to 1000 mph? I don’t get it!

I could see myself heading into physical fatigue, mental fatigue and just generally being a crabby person that I did not want to be.

I remember the years when my kids were young, and I felt this way.  And, I felt there was no escape. I wish I knew then what I know now.  Moms we can make this happen!  I have a few ideas for you too.  Take these ideas and do a swap with another Mom or just get rid of the kids and accept that nice person who wants to watch them!  Just do it! Adapt it to your life please.

So, let’s get this thing going.  Let’s bring joy back and be ready to hit the road at 1000 mph!

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Pick a place that makes you feel safe and happy!

1.       Decide when and where. Start with 1 to 3 nights stay away from home.  I recommend going some place close to home. I did not want to get on a plane or drive a long way. I ended up going to Branson, MO. I was in my hotel in 45 minutes. I chose a hotel that was well known, safe, view of the lake, spa etc. As women we have to be thoughtful of our safety.  I will talk more about that later. I spent more $$ on the hotel because I had no air fare, I wanted a nice view and I wanted to feel 100% safe.  This is no time for a cut rate not safe motel.  I would even encourage you to make a budget and save up for it.   Look around close to home and see what you can do at the best and top of your budget. You are worth it.

2.       Tell people!  This is no time to run away and go rouge!  If you work, take the time off.  If you are a full-time parent, what a wonderful example to your kids for later in life.  Your spouse will also love it. I will have Ron chime in on what he thought of my burn out babe get away.

3.       What are you going to do? Here is my BIG secret.

Mostly healthy - one glass of one - one cookie

Mostly healthy – one glass of one – one cookie


4.       What to bring.   I brought ONE cookie and ONE small bottle of single serve wine.  I also had plenty of cut veggies, healthy snacks, bottled water, swimsuit, flip flops, yoga pants and a cute outfit because my hubby joined me on the last night.  I also brought my own pillow and new jammies. I brought a poster board, markers, big pads of paper etc so if something hit me, I was ready. I will go more into this at another time. It was a marvelous creative space in my little room by the lake!


5.       Set a goal for your time.  Mine was to rest and get refocused. I had been working so hard for so long my mind was foggy and my attitude needed a break from people.

No pressure.  If you end your retreat and feel more rested, it’s a win.  You do not have to conquer all of your life’s problems in one short weekend.  It is a beginning, a refreshing time not a time to pressure yourself into making a major life decision. It is a process not a destination.


6.       End well. I had planned for one night alone and one with Ron.  I was not sure at the time but here is what I learned from that.  When he arrived, I was so happy and restful, he loved that.  We had dinner at the hotel, and he wanted to hear all about my time, vision board, and it was a nice bridge before going back home.  I could have walked in after my retreat to our home and done the same thing but having him there really extended and made it a focused and safe place to tell him how I was feeling and what I felt the vision for my future was. I think this is especially important for those of us with kids back home.  They are wonderful but they are needy no matter how old they are.


In conclusion I must be honest, I had resisted this idea for so long thinking it was naval gazing.  It turned out to be an Oasis for who I am and fuel for my future. I thought it was a little new age, but when I spent the morning on a long walk with the Lord thanking Him for all He had done that became precious time and set new habit when I go home. Side note: To be honest I did not spiritual pressure on my time. I just wanted rest, give God some glory and fuel up this boss babe so I can hit the ground running at 1000 miles per hour again when I get home and be a little more joyful in my journey!

If you decide to do a Boss Babe Burn Out Buster Retreat let me know how it goes!


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Quick Notes

What to take

              Dream board

              Comfy jammies

              Dream board materials (see my article on how to make the simplest dream board ever)

              Healthy foods

              A little cookie or one fun treat

              Wine – if you like. I suggest single serving size.  A nice glass of wine is different from getting drunk alone!  You can skip this all together

Where to go

              Safe place

              Close to home

              Great view

              One with a mini fridge

              Splurge a little. It is worth it and so are you dear one!

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