6 Must-Haves for Summer for Those Who Love to Be On-the-Go!

Ron and Nancy Bogart are certainly an on-the-go couple!

Ron and Nancy Bogart are certainly an on-the-go couple!

Are you a person who loves to sit by the pool or the hike, bike, and on-the-go person?  I am an on-the-go girl myself! Even when my kids were young we sat around very little and they are active now as young adults. Here are my six must-haves for the summer months ahead!

  1. Start the day right so you do not end it smelling ripe!  I love the Spritz your Pits duo. With the Spritz your Pits spray, three sprays on each pit just out of the shower is enough to keep me all day stink-free.   If my day is super active I add the JE aluminum-free deodorant. It gives me the one-two punch I need to face the day with confidence as I hike, bike and sweat and stay virtually odor-free!

  2. My second item is also one I start the day with – Tinted Moisturizer.  I love being moisturized but I also love that it is made with minerals that reflect the sun. I have used it on long float trips, 8-hour bike rides without so much as a burn to my cheeks.  I apply three drops to a kabuki brush and apply. I am sure to get my neck and ears too!

  3. Bug Away Spray can save the day.  Nothing worse than enjoying the great outdoors and you are chased inside by mosquitos.  We have had a lot of rain lately and they are out in full force. We spray our clothes, especially around our ankles when hiking. It is pre-diluted and safe to be applied directly to the skin, and it is safe around the kids and our pets. My little dog Corkie waits for her spray before we go, like a happy little camper.

  4. Be sure and take extra precautions with sunblock but you can still get too much sun or a windburn and so the “mom” in me always carries Skin Relief. This is a nutrient-rich lotion that is super-powered by aloe, green tea, seaweed, and chamomile. It cares for the driest skin, helps speed healing, and reduces the redness of minor burns including sunburn and windburn.  This is a must-have in my summer product arsenal! I love hearing the kids say “Hey Mom, where is the Skin Relief?”

  5. Salt Scrub! Jordan Essentials Salt Scrub is made with healthy, non-toxic ingredients because after all, I am trying to remove the toxins not put more on! The salt scrub gently exfoliates the skin. It removes dry skin cells, toxins, and dullness, leaving my skin soft, smooth, and radiant. You can cut grime pretty quickly with a good end of the day scrub to hands or an all-over in the shower on your bath scrunchie.

  6. Finally, you cannot end a busy day without Magnesium!  The lotion and dead sea salt soaks replenish your muscles and help you sleep sweetly at the end of the day!

As I look forward to the busy days of summer, I will be sure to keep these “must have” products on hand. What’s your must-have favorite? Be sure and get with your Jordan Consultants and ask about their favorites too!


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