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Myth Vs. Reality on Breast Cancer


Understanding necessary information about breast cancer is of vital importance, because it could help you recognize or help dissolve confusion when it comes to myths and realities about breast cancer.

1) Young Women Do Not Get Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is more common in post menopausal women, however, people of any age can get breast cancer. Women under age 30 make up 25% of breast cancer cases.


2) Breast Cancer is not Preventable

Choosing healthy ingredients like aluminum free deodorants and reducing chemicals can lead you down the right path. Although breast cancer has not clinically pinpoint risk factors, i.e. inherited gene mutations, family history, we do know breast cancer tumors have been known to contain parabens and aluminum common in many cosmetics and deodorant today. Making lifestyle changes that reduce risks is also key like eating healthy foods, reduce stress and exercise.

3) Plastic Surgery Cause Breast Cancer

There is no relation between breast augmentation / plastic surgery and increased breast cancer risk. Breast implants can make mammograms more difficult. Women who undergo breast reduction surgery can see a decrease in breast cancer risk.

4) Women With Small Breasts Have Reduced Risks of Getting Cancer

There is no known connection between the likelihood of getting breast cancer and a woman’s breast size. Large breasts, however, may be more difficult to examine.

5) A Breast Injury Can Cause Breast Cancer

Any trauma to the breast does not cause breast cancer. The reasoning behind this is an injury can give prominence to a breast lump that could have been there already.

In conclusion, there are so many myths vs realities out there, that we have to be careful to not believe in everything we hear. Simply do your research. As always, eating healthy, putting the right things on your skin, and exercise are always going to help improve your quality of life.

Resources: The Breast Cancer Society, Inc.

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