January 2019 Joyful Jordan Box

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It’s a brand new year with countless opportunities and adventures ahead!  What better way to start out the new year than by Freezing Time with Jordan Essentials January Joyful Jordan Box?  We put together the best firming and toning collection to give your skin a boost and kick off the year with more toned skin!

First, we carefully formulated our exclusive “Tone & Firm Body Lotion”, only available in the January Joyful Jordan Box!  Our Tone & Firm Body Lotion is enriched with Pink Grapefruit, Aloe, and Green Tea to help firm, tone, and hydrate your skin!

Grapefruit is well known for its uplifting qualities and distinctive citrus aroma, but did you know it is also great for toning the skin?  Grapefruit Essential Oil has been found in several clinical studies to help stimulate the lymphatics and work as a diuretic, which promotes the cleansing of toxins, wastes, and old fat cells.

Aloe is a deep moisturizer and promotes healthy skin cell regeneration, which can support smoother, more elastic, and youthful looking skin.

Green Tea contains high levels of vitamin B2 and vitamin E, both beneficial vitamins for healthy skin.

You’ll love the light and uplifting aroma of this lotion, while your skin enjoys soaking up all the deep penetrating benefits.

But we didn’t just stop there!  Also included in the January Joyful Jordan Box is Jordan Essentials’ popular Toner Mist Spray.  This JE Toner Mist Spray is perfect as a facial toner after cleansing to hydrate, tighten and tone the pores, and balance the pH of the skin, with Aloe, Green Tea, and Silk Proteins.

And, JE Toner Mist Spray works great on other parts of the body, too! Spritz those problem areas that need a little extra toning.

To round out our Toning Trio found in the January Joyful Jordan Box, you will find a sample of Jordan Essentials Time Rewind Eye Gel Serum.  All that stress from the holidays give you saggy and puffy eyes? Soothe and pamper that sensitive skin with JE Time Rewind Eye Gel, infused with botanical stem cells.  Even after just one application, you’ll see why this is one of our top selling Serums and a fan favorite.

You owe it to yourself to start the new year right by pampering your skin with the Joyful Jordan Toning Trio.  Contact your consultant right away to reserve your box… or two… or three! Because these boxes are only available from January 1 through January 31.  Stock up now while you can, because the Tone & Firm Body Lotion is only available this month!

If you haven’t heard about our Joyful Jordan Perks Club, be sure to ask your Consultant about how you can join our Perks Club and reap the additional rewards!  What better way to enjoy Healthy Skin and Healthy Life than with exclusive products each month? We know you’ll love it!

For informational and educational purposes only.  Jordan Essentials does not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure anything.  Consult your doctor with any health concerns. Discontinue use should any skin sensitivity occur.  Not endorsed by the FDA.


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