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“Naturally-Based, Non-Toxic” What You Need to Know

Here at Jordan Essentials, we confidently stand behind our products.  The foundation of Jordan Essentials is bringing American-made, naturally-based, non-toxic solutions for bath and body, skincare, cosmetics, and essential oils to families like yours.

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What exactly does that mean?  We don’t use known harmful ingredients like aluminum, parabens, isopropyl alcohol, mineral oils, SLS/SLES, or gluten…all ingredients we consider “No No List” items due to the extensive clinical studies that have been done and their subsequent negative effects on the body.  It is our goal to offer only products that give you peace of mind, knowing they are safe for your body and those of your children, family, and loved-ones.

Are our products 100% natural?  Well, actually no…and that’s a GOOD thing.  We start with natural ingredients like magnesium, lavender, charcoal, jojoba oil, beeswax, shea butter, and many others.   These natural ingredients offer a wide variety of health benefits, nourishing qualities, and soothing properties.

However, if our products were 100% natural, they would by definition be susceptible to mold, bacteria, and harmful pathogens.  The molds, bacteria, and pathogens that attack 100% natural lotions are often also very toxic to the body, in some cases even more so than the toxic ingredients included in our “No No List”.  To avoid any problems or issues on our products, Jordan Essentials may use the preservative system combination of Phenoxyethanol and Ethylhexylglycerin to safely protect them from mold and bacteria as well as balance the pH of the formulas.  To maximize effectiveness while preserving healthy standards, this ingredient is used in a less than 1% emulsion in our formulas.

Mold and bacteria are one of the largest health concerns worldwide in food sources and topically applied products. We use safe paraben-free and non-toxic solutions to protect your family and allow the natural ingredients in our product to continue to be beneficial without refrigeration or cause for concern for bacteria or mold contamination. Some reports of Phenoxyethanol have demonized it as irritating or unsafe, however the cosmetic grade version used in JE products has been purified and is classified as safe and non-toxic.   Any incidence of allergic reaction or skin sensitivities would be rare and none have been reported to Jordan Essentials in 18 years of business due to the preservatives used in our products.    Most often when we hear of a reaction in one of our products, it is due to an allergy to a naturally occurring ingredient found in that product to which they have a particular sensitivity.

If you have any questions about our “No No List” or have concerns about our ingredients, feel free to contact your Jordan Essentials’ Consultant or contact Customer Care at customercare@jordanessentials.com

We are proud to support your Healthy Skin and Healthy Life.
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