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Resistance Pit Challenge

Our new Resistance EO Spray has so many uses, but one of our favorites is on the pits!  Our sensitive under-arms need TLC, and that doesn’t mean using harmful deodorants that contain toxins like parabens or aluminum!  Jordan Essentials Deodorants are a safer alternative…and coupled with our new Resistance EO Spray, those odors just don’t stand a chance!

So take the Resistance Pit Challenge and experience the difference Jordan Essentials can make in your freshness…without the toxic chemicals!

resistance challenge (5).png

To participate in the challenge, follow the steps below for two weeks and then comment below with your results.  We know you’ll love the difference!

  1. Cleanse with Jordan Essentials Shower Gel or one of our other amazing soaps.

  2. When you get out of the shower, dry off completely, then spritz the underarms with Resistance Essential Oil Spray.

  3. Allow the spray to dry, then follow up with your favorite Jordan Essentials Deodorant.

  4. In most cases, reapplication won’t be necessary. If you feel in need of a little “boost”, add another spritz of Resistance Essential Oil Spray or Deodorant. If you are still experiencing odor, use Jordan Essentials Purifying Charcoal Mask right before showering for a deeper “detox” of the pits.

How does this work so well?  Resistance contains powerful essential oils that are anti-bacterial, and bacteria is the leading cause of pit odor as your body naturally flushes toxins through the lymph system and sweat.  Try also using the Resistance Roll On as an alternative to the spray!  Join the Resistance!  Join the Resistance Pit Challenge!  And enjoy Healthy Skin, and a Healthy Life.

Leave your comment below with the results of your challenge.  What products did you use and what did you like best?

Jordan Essentials does not claim to diagnose, cure, prevent, or treat any disease.  Consult your doctor with any specific health issues.  Not for use on children under 3.  Warming oils, so test the skin for sensitivity.  Recommended for external use only, or diffusing for 30 minutes or less.  Not endorsed by the FDA.

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