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Holiday Hand Washing Guide

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From the time we are small children, we are taught about the importance of washing our hands.  How many times did we hear, “Wash up!”, when we came in from outside, got home from school, before dinner, after dinner, and after playtime?  Keeping our hands clean is just common sense and a great healthy habit to have, not only for the sake of our hands, but for our overall health as well.

Our hands are constantly busy throughout the day, and they not only come in contact with tons of harmful bacteria, virus’, and contaminants on a regular basis, but they also come into contact with sensitive areas of the body that can allow admittance into the body such as the eyes, nose, and mouth.  From there, those nasty germs get into the bloodstream and can put the immune system on high alert.

Scientists, doctors, and grandmas all agree that one of the best ways to reduce the risk of getting sick is to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soapy water.  During this busy holiday season, this healthy habit becomes all the more important! Not only are we exposed to more germs than usual while out and about at stores and holiday events, but no one wants to find themselves battling a cold, virus, or the flu during a time that is meant to be holly jolly and full of great cheer!

When it comes to holiday handwashing, Jordan Essentials has got your back (and your hands)!  Regular hand washing can lead to dry skin if using inferior soaps, especially if they are made with too many synthetic ingredients.  Keep your hands clean AND comfortable this holiday season with one of the many options offered by Jordan Essentials. Our soaps never contain those toxic ingredients that can dry the skin.  We use only non-toxic ingredients that support healthy skin.


And, you won’t find boring scents in any of our soaps.  Choose from our Liquid Hand Soap, Foaming Hand

Soap, Shower Gel, or Glycerin Soap Bars in one of the many popular traditional scents

or enjoy the amazing rich lather found in our Limited Edition Pear & Spice Old Fashioned Bar Soap, found only in the December Joyful Jordan Box!

Place a soap at each sink in your house! And when on the go and away from home, be sure to carry with you Jordan Essentials’ Resistance Hand Sanitizer (only available for a limited time in our Holiday Bonus Catalog), Citrus & Aloe Hand Sanitizer, or Resistance Blend Essential Oil Spray to keep the germs at bay until you are once again where you can wash them away!

Jordan Essentials’ soaps make amazing gifts, too!  Surprise and delight your friends with a Jordan Essentials Soap in their stocking or gift basket.  And may you and yours have a happy and healthy holiday season.

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