8 Benefits of JE Mineral Makeup

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Jordan Essentials believes in promoting Healthy Skin and a Healthy Life.  We are all about letting your natural beauty shine, especially when it means healthy beauty.  In fact, we think natural beauty and healthy beauty should go hand in hand! That’s why we offer an entire line of mineral makeup to help accentuate your natural beauty in a healthy way.

Why use mineral makeup and what makes it so much better than other commercial varieties on the market?  Here are a few reasons Jordan Essentials Mineral Makeup is the perfect choice for healthy beauty.

  1. Pure Minerals:  JE Mineral Makeup is made from pure and natural ingredients sourced from the earth rather than from a lab.  Crushed minerals, micas, and natural earth elements offer the color pigmentation in a form that blends beautifully on the skin.

  2. Skin that can Breathe:  The fine minerals in JE Mineral Makeup are expertly designed to give you light, even, and sheer coverage that won’t clog the pores or encourage those nasty breakouts.  Skin is allowed to breathe and the minerals blend beautifully with the skin’s natural oils.

  3. Non-irritating:  JE Mineral Makeup does not contain any fragrances, oils, or harmful preservatives that may irritate sensitive skin.

  4. Flawless Look:  JE Mineral Makeup does not flake, crease, clump, or cake so you can have that beautiful flawless, youthful look.

  5. Works Beautifully with All Skin Types:  Our skin changes with the seasons and can change as we age.  JE Mineral Makeup is perfect for all skin types including dry, oily, or combination skin to always give you that flawless look no matter what your skin type at the time.

  6. Versatile:  Because JE Mineral Makeup is made from pure mineral pigments, they blend well with other colors.  This means you can customize your look for the mood or season of the day.

  7. Long-lasting Color that Won’t Fade:  JE Mineral Makeup has excellent “staying” power for a beautiful look all day long.  Colors won’t fade or disappear as the day goes on so you know you will look your best.

  8. Long-lasting Shelf-Life:  JE Mineral Makeup lasts for a very long time.  Since you don’t need to use very much at a time, we have customers who say their colors last for years before having to replace them, making them economical too!

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New to mineral makeup?  Contact your JE Independent Consultant to experience them for yourself and feel the difference, see the difference, and let your natural beauty shine in a way that is healthy for your skin.

Comment below with your favorite JE Mineral Makeup color/s and what you love best about mineral makeup.


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