Maintain your Moisture! – Summertime Natural Skin Care Tips from Jordan Essentials

Jordan Essentials Offers Tips for Healthy Skin in the Summertime

It’s hot out there! Jordan Essentials knows that living and working during summer heat can be a real drag. Spending a day running errands while the sun beats down on you and your car can really drain a person or even cause them to skip the errands altogether, instead opting for a much cooler option. Especially for those who love spending time in the sun, sitting poolside or enjoying some beach volleyball, summer can be very rough on your skin. Thankfully, Jordan Essentials offers a full line of natural skin care products that are great for bringing damaged skin back to vibrancy. So, if the merciless heat is taking a toll on your and your sensitive skin, keep reading. Jordan Essentials will offer some very useful tips for maintaining your skin’s valuable moisture. This way, you can have your fun in the sun with a little less worry.

Avoid Sunlight

For some who just want to soak it all up, this can be tough news. While sunlight does help the body produce vitamin D naturally, prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can break down skin tissue, leading to nasty sunburns and the potential for things even worse. Keep to shady areas to make sure you’re not receiving too much sunlight. If you start to feel faint or dizzy, make sure to drink plenty of fluids, especially water, and try to find a cooler place to enjoy your summer. The Jordan Essentials line of natural skin care products can offer some help. Ingredients like shea butter and green tea, which can be found in our natural moisturizer and natural skin care items, do offer a small amount of photoprotection. However, the level of protection is low enough that they’re likely not suitable as a substitute for sunscreen. They will, however, help you restore your skin after a long day in the dry heat.

Drink Water

Whether you’re at a barbecue or at the beach, chances are that someone will be hauling a cooler of cold ones. Whatever may be your pleasure, just don’t forget that the dangers of dehydration become very real in the hundred-degree heat. After all, your skin can’t stay moisturized if you’re not giving it the water to do so.

Apply Generously and Often

Sun damage to your skin is no joke. Make sure to stay diligent about applying your sunscreen so that your skin can stay healthy and wrinkle and burn free.

Natural Skin Care with Jordan Essentials

You can find a variety of natural skin care items available through the Jordan Essentials online store or by contacting your Jordan Essentials representative. We’d love to help you maintain your healthiest skin this summer, so contact us today! Jordan Essentials does not claim to cure any illness. Check with your doctor first if pregnant, nursing or taking medication. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Essential oils in dropper bottles are undiluted and should be blended in your favorite Jordan Essentials products and we recommend you do not use directly on the skin.

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