When is the Best Time to Apply a Natural Moisturizer?

Best Times to Apply Natural Moisturizer

Jordan Essentials is happy to offer our customers an extensive line of natural moisturizers. As with all of our natural skin care products, our natural moisturizers are free of aluminum, DEA, parabens, alcohol, petroleum, mineral oils, SLS/SLES, and gluten. This means you can be sure you’re treating your body with only non-toxic products which are safe for everyone in the family. These natural moisturizers provide your skin with nutrients and natural compounds that it may not otherwise receive from the typical products you may find on shelves. And while you may be someone who uses a natural moisturizer regularly, you may be interested in some wisdom regarding the best times of day to apply moisturizer, and what kinds of moisturizer do best for certain situations. We’re sure you have your tried and true habits, but today Jordan Essentials will share some expertise regarding best practices with a natural moisturizer.

When to Apply Natural Moisturizer

The easy answer here is: anytime your skin feels dry. But if you know what kinds of things throughout the day tend to dry you out more, then you can head off the irritation and itching of drying out by applying some natural moisturizer at just the right time. Here are some times to consider reaching for a natural moisturizer from Jordan Essentials. After a Shower Most of us take pretty warm showers. While the warm water helps to open your pores, staying under the heat for too long or turning the water up too high will begin to dry out your pores. Not only that, but soaping up and rinsing off eliminates a useful layer of oils that help to retain moisture. Grab some Jordan Essentials natural moisturizer once you’ve gently toweled off, and reap the benefits of healthy, moisture-rich skin. After a Shave Like showering, shaving tends to remove the healthful layer of oil on your skin which allows you to maintain necessary moisture. Replenishing that layer after a shave with a natural moisturizer will help lock in moisture, helping you maintain your skin’s glow. Dry Winter Months The cold air has a way of drying out the moisture in your skin. Not only this, but many of us are warned to vigorously wash our hands during winter months to avoid the spread of flu or other nasty illnesses. While preventing disease is great, the repeated washing will dry out your hands further if you’re not following up by applying a natural moisturizer.

Talk to a Team Member at Jordan Essentials

For more tips on keeping your skin vibrant and youthful with natural moisturizer, talk with a team member of Jordan Essentials. They’ll be happy to help. And if you really like what they have to offer, check out our online store! Jordan Essentials does not claim to cure any illness. Check with your doctor first if pregnant, nursing or taking medication. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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