Summer Skin Care with Jordan Essentials

Jordan Essentials: Summer Skin Care

For most of us, summer means hot weather, sunshine, and being outdoors. While you might usually remember to pack your sunscreen, there are a few other skin care tips that you can use to give your skin some extra protection from the potentially damaging summer sun. Jordan Essentials offers a few easy steps to keep your skin safe this summer.

Stay Hydrated

Firstly, Jordan Essentials wants to emphasize the most important piece of summer advice for anyone and everyone – stay hydrated! If you’re in for some hot weather this summer, whether it’s at home or abroad, make sure you drink plenty of water to stay cool. Far too many of us skip on drinking water – or substitute it with someone less healthy like soda – and it’s a habit we need to break! Drinking water isn’t just important for your overall health, it does actually help your skin, too. Our bodies are made up of water, and not getting enough of it generally will lead to less healthy skin. Combining this with blazing sunshine just makes it worse.

Stay Cool With a Spritz

If you’re finding yourself baking in the sun, spraying yourself with a cooling mist of water is definitely helpful. Even more helpful is using one of the Hydrating Body Spritzers that we offer at Jordan Essentials. These bottles contain Aloe leaf juice, which offers a lot of benefits for your skin. Using one of this sprays won’t just keep you cool, you’ll be helping your skin out, too!

Change Up Your Routine

If you’ve followed Jordan Essentials’ previous advice about developing a good skin care routine, you should be exfoliating once a week. If the weather gets hot, especially if it’s humid, and you find yourself getting sweaty, considering increasing your exfoliations to two or three times a week. If you find your skin getting irritated, then cut back down to once a week. If you do step it up, make sure you keep moisturizing. You might want to think about a lighter moisturizer for the sunny weather.

Get Out in the Sun!

If it is hot and sunny for you this summer, it’s also important you enjoy it! Don’t hide indoors or in the shade worrying about the damage the sun can do to your skin – the right treatment with the range of Jordan Essentials natural cosmetics and natural skin care products will put a stop to that! Also, do some real research on what kind of sunscreen is the right one for you. Getting the right SPF protection is vital and can protect you from far more serious sun-related side-effects than burns and blemishes. Other than that, vitamin D does wonders for both your body and mind, so getting out in the sun will make you feel better inside and out.

Jordan Essentials’ Essential Skin Care

Jordan Essentials offers a wide range of different, natural skin care products. Take a look at our products to find out more. If you want to be your own boss and work from home selling our great products, you can find out more about that, too! Jordan Essentials does not claim to cure any illness. Check with your doctor first if pregnant, nursing or taking medication. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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