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The Importance of Natural Moisturizers

Natural Moisturizers: The Importance of Moisturizing

If you’re reading the Jordan Essentials blog, you’re probably already familiar with regularly moisturizing your skin. But you might have heard some scoff at the idea of applying lotion every day – perhaps telling you that it’s a con, a moneymaking scheme, that your skin is perfectly capable of keeping itself healthy. As the wizards behind some great natural moisturizers, we can tell you exactly why it matters to keep your skin lathered and lotioned up, and how it really does help.

Help Your Skin Look Great Now

Everyone’s skin is prone to damage, discoloration, and annoying blemishes. This is an unfortunate fact of life, but leaving your skin to deal with these issues itself will make things harder, as scarring and permanent pigment changes aren’t something your body just knows to avoid.

Moisturizing daily using natural moisturizers and lotions with minimal harsh chemicals helps to plump your skin, which will help to conceal blemishes. In some cases, it can even prevent new scarring. Your skin cells need to be hydrated, or else they shrink and become brittle. This is what makes your skin look tight and dull.

While your skin does produce its own oil to combat this dryness, our day-to-day lives and habits tend to strip these natural oils away. Natural moisturizers, like the ones we offer at Jordan Essentials, replenish what’s lost.

Help Your Skin Look Great for Good

If you rarely moisturize and have decided to start now, you’ll probably notice a bigger difference than you were expecting within days. Your skin will look fuller and more radiant, feel less tight and be noticeably softer. But the benefits of a good moisturizing routine go way beyond the here and now.

Applying natural moisturizers daily will help protect your skin long-term, preventing skin from drying out and suffering damage. Dry skin tends to be more prone to wrinkling and other signs of aging later on, and moisturizing also re-fortifies your skin, replenishing its strength as a natural barrier. If you find yourself already having to contend with dark areas under your eyes, a dedicated moisturizing routine will help there, too!

Preventing Breakouts and Helping Acne Problems

We mentioned the natural production of oil by your skin a little earlier, which is usually associated with breakouts and acne. It might seem counterintuitive to apply natural moisturizers to oily skin, but it can actually help. If your skin is frequently oily, it’s likely dehydrated, and is overproducing oil to compensate.

Using a safe, natural moisturizer regularly will rehydrate the skin. Doing it regularly will get your skin used to the new supply, reducing the production of natural oils, and reducing the occurrence of breakouts. More severe acne issues usually need to be treated with prescription medication, but getting into a good skincare routine afterward can act as a great preventative measure.

Jordan Essentials Natural Moisturizers

Looking for a natural moisturizer that is gentle to your skin, but still gives it the in-depth hydration it needs to stay healthy? Check out our natural cosmetics store. If you want to join our team, contact Jordan Essentials today!

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