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Soap Box Time!

Is Jordan Essentials organic and all natural? Always a great question! We use many organic ingredients and the highest quality available according to our strict no no list and quality standards. We begin with the most natural ingredients possible and always nontoxic. We are 100% non GMO. We are not 100% organic because we do not need to be! We have the perfect solutions that are affordable and available to all families. Our goal is to empower you with cancer fighting skin care knowledge and natural, nontoxic solutions you can trust. Many 100% organic products use that as a marketing or personal branding statement and that is fine for them. I would rather give customers the info about our standards and ingredients which is a much stronger statement in my opinion. Organic these days is code for expensive and may not be as safe because they do not use good preservatives, my friend “mold” is also organic in nature, but can do a lot of harm. You get the benefit of the highest quality, effective, and SAFE ingredients possible from a company who is on the forefront of safe products that actually work! A blend of science and nature to benefit you and your family. 10% of cancers are genetic and 90% are environmental. You better bet we are non toxic and safe and you better bet my kiddos who have been raised on them are the first people I think of when we add a new product. We raise the standard above organic labeling!
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