Want a New Beginning?

Picture this, a little girl just moved to a new town, she is in third grade and the first day of school is her birthday.  Nervous at this new beginning but also excited about what is to come. Her third grade teacher takes her by the hand and introduces her to her new friends and the year is a beautiful success. Fast forward to a young woman going to college and the first day of school is again, her birthday.  A women’s college 5 hours from home on a hot August day with so many exciting opportunities and women who would become life long friends. Yes, my birthday was always the beginning of the school year.  I could have been bummed out but to me my birthday represents new beginnings! In a coaching session with Belinda she said “is there any significant events in August for you or JE?”   I said “My birthday!”  and our birthday sign up special was born!  She did ask me if it was ok with me to use my age of 48 as our b day special price. I said “Sure, because of JE I look young, so let’s do it!”  I did hear a couple of people say you look 29, and I got the hint they like the low price of entry but that one was a stretch. I love that my birthday can be a month that so many begin their JE journey.  New Jordies will go to school to learn the programs, about their favorite products and how to become a successful business owner and entrepreneur. This month the best gift I can get it so see thousands of peoples lives improved by our wonderful company of women at Jordan Essentials. I look forward to welcoming record numbers of new Consultants and celebrating with YOU!

Happy Birthday to us! Nanc


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