This little light of mine…

In the early days of Country Bunny I was traveling the country sharing and meeting consultant. Back when people met more in person and less on line. I met a woman in VA in 2002 I will never forget. We had our meeting, smiled and chatted and then went for a meal with the group of consultants there. The restaurant had this big white porch as I recall and was nothing fancy. I am a hugger by nature. As I arrived earlier that day as I met Consultants I hugged them. They are already in the family so I hug! I really, really like people. We laughed and had a good time. At dinner that night the woman on my right said “I had such a good time today. I cannot believe you hugged me.” I said “Oh yes, I am a hugger and we are family.” She said “I have not really had anyone hug me in over 2 years. I work in a forensics department, I have 2 cats and live alone. I had not thought about it but I never have human touch much let alone a hug.” I was moved to tears but she continued. “I want what you have. That light that shines within like you do. I want friends and hugs and I realize I need that.” Her sponsor and I worked it out and got her into a church where she met a bunch of people and I sent her a women’s bible so she would never be alone again. When you know Jesus you are never alone! I am not sure what happened we lost touch somewhere along the way (before facebook) but over the next couple of years she thrived and smiled and knew what it was like to be in vital community with good people and yes, she became a hugger too. Let’s be sure to make a difference, a real difference. Nothing virtual can compare to genuine community with hugs, meals, listening and compassion. Listen closely the world is out there and it needs us. My mission began as a broke lonely stay at home mom. I needed community, money and friends! 15 years later I am living a wonderful dream and have added over 14,000 people to my “team”. I really did not know many people just a few gals at my church and a passion to change peoples lives with products, income and empowerment to know they belong. I had no idea what God had planned for me all those years ago. I am grateful to be on this journey with you! The financial needs are huge today and the lonely are many. Let your light shine today and every day on this mission we call Jordan Essentials! #feelingblessed #makeadifference #beahugger

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