Selling Essential Oils

Essential oils are one of the foundational products at Jordan Essentials. Many of our products use essential oils, and we sell the oils themselves. Selling essential oils is a vital part of being a Jordan Essentials Consultant. Learn more about our products below.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds that occur naturally in the seeds, stems, roots, flowers, bark, and other parts of plants. Essential oils are what give plants their specific smells, protect the plant from harm, and often play a part in pollination. These oils change from liquid to gas quickly, which is why they are volatile compounds.

Selling essential oils with Jordan Essentials

Essential oils have the ability to travel quickly through the air and impact the olfactory senses. Oils from different plants have different benefits and can be used for a number of different purposes, including aromatherapy.

How Do You Sell Them?

There are a few different ways to sell essential oils with Jordan Essentials. A great way to build up a client base is by helping friends and family host Jordan Essentials parties. At these parties, you’ll be able to introduce a larger number of people to our amazing products and explain their benefits. By creating good relationships with your customers, you not only set up repeat orders, but you also create more opportunities for parties and potential new customers.

Benefits of Selling Essential Oils

Selling essential oils with Jordan Essentials can provide you and your family with a number of great benefits! With Jordan Essentials, selling essential oils can be a main source of income or can be used as a supplement for vacation funds, home renovations, and more! You will have the freedom and flexibility to work from home, and on your own terms. You get to set your own hours, allowing you to make plenty of time for family and faith. Selling essential oils can be done at any time, and the more you sell, the more income you can earn!

Selling essential oils with Jordan Essentials also creates many opportunities to connect with others and build strong relationships and friendships. As a Consultant, you will receive mentorship with the Consultant who introduced you to the world of Jordan Essentials. You will also have opportunities to meet with other Consultants to develop network connections and continue to grow your knowledge and experience with our essential oils and natural skin care products.  

Join the Jordan Essentials Team

If you are ready to take a step toward better financial freedom and career flexibility, become a Consultant with Jordan Essentials today! We sell high-quality essential oils, natural skin care products, natural makeup, and more. Fill out a Jordan Essentials online form today and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly!