Essential Oil Recipe Series: Salt Scrubs

Not only are Jordan Essentials products wonderful on their own, you can combine them to customize the feel, aroma, and benefits to fit your needs.  Many products come in unscented varieties, making them perfect for combining with one of our signature essential oils.

Jordan Essentials Unscented Salt Scrub is a wonderful choice for customizing to achieve a truly wonderful experience.  Using a salt scrub, even without essential oils, has many health benefits!  

  • The minerals found in JE Salt Scrubs can help the body reduce inflammation and flush out toxins.

  • The abrasive action of the salts gently exfoliates the skin, which removes dead skin cells. Every day the body produces new skin cells and old cells die. Those dead skin cells harden with age. The longer they are on the surface of the skin, the harder they get and the thicker the layer of dead cells becomes. Over time, unless they are removed, this layer can make the skin look dry and flakey. Using a salt scrub reveals the shiny, healthy skin underneath, offering a beautiful glow!

  • Not only that, but the action of removing the dead skin cells actually stimulates and encourages regeneration of new, healthy cells! This skin regeneration can reduce skin discoloration, evening out skin tone and improve texture.

  • Salts are naturally anti-bacterial in nature, which is helpful in maintaining healthy skin and preventing itchiness.

Often we think of using a salt scrub as a special occasion pampering, yet the benefits are so valuable that it wouldn’t hurt to make it a more regular part of a skincare routine.  JE Salt Scrub is safe and effective to use regularly.

Boost the benefits even more by combining JE Unscented Salt Scrub with your favorite Essential Oils!  Feel free to experiment to find your favorites, or try one of the following recipes:

  • Combine ½ cup JE Salt Scrub with 1 drop Peppermint Essential Oil and gently massage onto the body, avoiding face or eye area. Peppermint Essential Oil is stimulating, soothing, and has been known to help balance oil production for clearer skin. Rinse, dry, and apply favorite JE lotion of choice.

  • If cellulite is your concern, try combining ½ cup JE Unscented Salt Scrub with 1 Tablespoon Organic Coffee grounds, and 2 drops Lemon Essential Oil. Mix thoroughly and massage gently into cellulite areas. Rinse, dry, and apply JE Magnesium Lotion or Helio Superfood Lotion.

  • Anti-Dandruff Scalp Treatment. The benefits of Salt Scrubs don’t stop at the hands and feet (although they are great there too!). Salt helps loosen and remove that troublesome dandruff from the scalp while stimulating circulation. Combine ¼ cup JE Salt Scrub with 2 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil. Part the hair a few times and sprinkle one to two teaspoons of mixture on the scalp in different areas. Using wet fingers, massage the scalp gently and thoroughly for 10-15 minutes. Even better, is if you can get someone else to do this part for you! It’s very relaxing! Rinse, then wash and condition with JE Hair Care Products.

  • Add a few drops of your favorite JE Essential Oil to JE Unscented Salt Scrub to create your favorite customized experience.

For more information about Jordan Essential Products or to place your order,  get with your local Independent Consultant today.  We know you’ll love trying these combinations for yourself.

Jordan Essentials does not claim to cure any illness.  Check with your doctor first if pregnant, nursing or taking medication. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.