Q & A with Four Diamond Director, Tammy Bechtel

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We had the opportunity to speak with one of our very own Jordies that has been with Jordan Essentials since the beginning (so back when we were Country Bunny for those that remember)! We are beyond thankful for the amazing 20 years that Tammy Bechtel has been a part of the Jordan Nation, and we are inspired everyday by her leadership and hard work.

Here’s to Tammy Bechtel, an amazing 20 years, and many amazing years to come!

Check out what she has to say!

What has it been like watching and growing with Jordan Essentials over the last 20 years?  

Definitely watching it evolve. Jordan Essentials is constantly changing to have the best products while keeping quality and safe ingredients a priority. We started with a lotion bar and a few soaps and now we have full body care, face care, mineral makeup, essential oils and of course, our amazing topical magnesium line.

Our compensation plan started with 15% commission and a $175 start-up fee. Today, you can get in for as little as $49 with 25-35% commission. Jordan Essentials has a lucrative commission plan for sponsoring that adds 4 levels of overrides and 5 generation payouts plus a new rank advancement bonus from $250-$10,000.

Finally, the people. We are a company with heart. It sets us apart from so many. Nancy Bogart, Founder and CEO has a passion like nothing I have ever seen that definitely is the driving force to the Jordan Nation. We don’t “sell” our products, we “share” our products.  We listen to our customers’ issues and fill the need with essential products that make a difference.

If you had one piece of advice for new Jordies, what would it be?

Just to plug in to what Jordan Essentials has to offer, and don’t be afraid to go after the dream. Plug into the 14 day Essential Start and then your Jump Start program.Plug into your Sponsor and Director for support, and share with them your ‘why’ and goals.Plug into the communities, and don’t miss the weekly training.If you want the big dream, sponsor quickly.  Going wide is essential.

How has Jordan Essentials changed your life?

I started Jordan Essentials because I knew that Direct Sales was a way to get ahead with extra money. I was immediately challenged by my husband to make this business different than the others I had tried before. This time I shared not only our unique products, but the opportunity… that changed my life. The money you make from what you personally do compared to supporting others and making commissions from your team is the game changer, and it is so much more rewarding when you are able to help others with their needs and wants. I also love that I can travel and do this business wherever I am.

What has starting your own at-home business taught you?

Zig Ziglar says it best… When you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want! Best of all, it allows you to be in charge. However, if you treat it like a hobby, it will pay like a hobby. If you treat it as a business, it will pay like a business. Make notes what you would like to get accomplished each day to move your business forward. At the end of the day, since you are the boss, would you be given a raise or fired? This is not just a job, this is my business, my life and my journey.

What qualities and mind set did it take for you to get where you are today?

There are so many qualities in a person that makes them unique. I am an activator and always look for the positive. I look at how to remove obstacles and figure out a plan of action.  Then I work the plan. I would have to say I am also persistent and consistent.  Being in the Top 10 on sales and sponsoring every year for 20 years is something I am proud of, but it is not what I am going for each year. I go for the incentives. From the t-shirts to the trips to the promotions, I just go for the incentives, and it makes me challenge myself. My biggest tip is just never give up! If you give up, you have lost, so always keep sharing because you never know who will be your next amazing customer, hostess or Jordie that will change your life forever.


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