Q&A with Four Diamond Director, Karen Simpson

Interested in starting your own at-home business with Jordan Essentials? Karen Simpson joined the Jordan Essentials family in October of 2017. Since then, she has seen huge success in her at-home business. We wanted to share her thoughts on what that’s been like and how you can do it too!


How has Jordan Essentials changed your life?

I had a dream for a long time of leaving a job that I had for 20 years.  I stumbled onto direct sales, and I realized I could build a business alongside the job I had. I stayed consistent and when the timing was right, I left my job. Now I work for my team from my home office.

What has starting your own at-home business taught you?

That you really can Be, Do or Have anything you stay focused on. For 12 years, I kept my “Why” very close to my heart.  I was laser focused on where I was headed, and I did not make excuses. My job was not in the way of doing my business, it was a tool that allowed me to grow my Jordan Essentials business at a pace that worked for me. I worked during the day and partied at night! I could still raise a family and volunteer at church and the animal shelter, and the extra income allowed us to take many mini vacations throughout the year to do the things we love like live concerts and being in the outdoors.

What work ethic, habits, and mindset did it take for you to get where you are today?

No excuses. Focus on why you’re doing it.If you’re working this side gig to pay your car payment each month, then focus on that. I didn’t let my schedule control me, I controlled my schedule. I coach my team to that. When you start a business, you are the CEO of you!

What advice do you have for someone that is on the fence about joining? 

We don’t sell at Jordan, we share.  We share products that are essential to people’s lives every day. Our mission is to make a difference, and we do that by sharing healthy choices with people that they use every day.

Consistency and Perseverance are my friends.  I love to support other women and men in this industry.  It’s SO positive and completely fills my cup. I believe in people when they are not sure that they can believe in themselves.  My team is my family! I have friends all across the US, and we are cheering for each other on a daily basis. No where else have I found that in my 52 years.


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