9 Ways to Refresh and Reset for 2021!

As 2020 comes to a close, we are more excited than ever to focus our minds on new beginnings. In this past year we came together to fight a pandemic, and while we’re still facing the challenges of COVID-19, we can’t help but hope 2021 will be a year for big change.

Aside from the virus, there are also so many things you personally overcame and achieved, and there are numerous ways that you’ve grown and become a new and improved version of YOU.

After you’ve taken some time to pause and reflect on 2021, it’s time to set your mind on New Year’s resolutions and goals for the new year! Give yourself space to make a list of any resolutions or goals, and be sure to journal about your vision for the next year and beyond.

We’ve rounded up some tips to help you wrap up 2020 and prepare yourself for the new year! This list will help you unwind from the holidays, reflect, and get your mind ready for an amazing new year.

Soak in dead sea salts to unwind from holiday stress: Before jumping right into the new year, you need to give yourself time to rest from the busy holidays. Soak in our Lavender & Eucalyptus magnesium dead sea salts for the most relaxing scent and healing benefits. Or try our unscented soak and add your own essential oils to personalize!


Give your skin a reset: Detox from 2020 with a detoxifying face mask. Detoxify, deep clean, and pull pollutants from your skin with our Detoxifying Clay Mask.

Give your home a New Year’s clean: Declutter, organize, and clean up your home to get you ready for 2021. Use our Green & Clean to ward off any germs in your house, and use our Healthy Home Duo to get your countertops, surfaces, and floors sparkling clean.

Get your kids healthy for the new year: Help your little ones reset for the new year by swapping out any toxic products that use unfamiliar ingredients with natural, healing products. Try our Toy Surprise Soap and our Moisturizing Monkey Lotion Bar. If you have a baby in the household, use the Orange & Lavender Essential Oils Premiere Baby System, which includes a baby lotion bar, baby wash, and baby lotion.

Don’t forget to treat your pup too: Give your pup a deep clean for the new year with our Pet System. The system includes a pet spritzer and pet shampoo.

Take your skincare to the next level: Even if you wash your face every day and use a face cream, you might be missing out on optimal skin health. Make 2021 the year to combat anti-aging with our Super Serum Set. The set includes Time Rewind Eye Gel, Age Defying Serum, and Tone & Firm Serum.

Commit to body care in the new year: We take care of the skin on our faces every single day, but so often we forget about moisturizing the rest of our body. This year, use our Premiere Body Care Collection to get you started on a new healthy habit of taking care of your entire body day in and day out. The collection features salt scrub, shea body butter, shower gel, magnesium stick, foaming hand soap, lotion bar, and magnesium lotion.

Pair your fitness resolutions with toning lotions: If you’ve got fitness goals for the new year, then try our Tone & Firm Body Lotion to help tone, firm, and hydrate your body. You’ll also love our Cellulite Scrub to help with any areas of need.

Spray a soothing scent as you prep for 2021: Spritz some Lavender Essential Oil Spray or our Peace Essential Oil Spray to create a soothing, relaxing space to write out your resolutions, journal, and focus on your vision for the future.

Here’s to a new year and a fresh beginning! Hello 2021.